Did you Know?

UWSP students Kate & Yee collaborating

A new perspective on the Wausau Campus

As a UW resource that has been available in Wausau for 90 years, some folks might view the Wausau Campus in a one-dimensional way, but it is much more than that today.

For example, did you know the Wausau Campus is an educational hub for:

  • The high schooler seeking the rigor of a college course?
  • The traditional high school graduate that wants to earn an associate degree before attending a 4-year campus?
  • The returning adult learner who wants to finish their degree or earn an additional degree?
  • A platform for continuing education programs that will benefit our local businesses partners and stakeholders?
  • A gathering place for cultural events, conferences, K-12 events and rental opportunities?

Yes, the Wausau Campus is all that, plus much more than just a starting point for higher education. Consider all the degree programs we offer on the Wausau campus:

  • Associate degrees
    • Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree
    • Human Services
    • Leadership and Project Management
    • Pre-Engineering
  • Bachelor’s degrees
    • Business Administration
    • Nursing
    • Social Work
    • Sociology
    • Engineering (UW-Platteville Partnership)
  • Master’s degrees
    • Business Administration
    • Physician Assistant Program (UW-Madison Partnership)
    • Social Work (UW-Green Bay Partnership)

So, next time you think about supporting the Wausau Campus, remember your support can go a long way for a variety of community resources that are bigger and better than ever before!