100 Extraordinary Women

UW Wausau Campus Foundation Announces Successful Fundraising Initiative

UW Wausau Campus Foundation has launched a successful new fundraising drive that has raised $125,000 for scholarships on the Wausau campus.

The 100 Extraordinary Women Campaign set a goal of attracting at least 100 donors to pledge $1,000 each, to be paid out for scholarships over a five-year period. With 125 donors pledged so far, the campaign will distribute at least $25,000 per year over the next five years for scholarships. The results of the new campaign were formally announced in April 2017.  A special 100 Extraordinary Women wall display was unveiled at a special reception on campus on April 26, 2018.

The 100 Extraordinary Women campaign has exceeded expectations, and will make a big difference for deserving women students on our campus.  These new dollars will supplement our broader scholarship program, which has funds available for all deserving students.

The UW Wausau Campus Foundation distributes about $160,000 per year in scholarships, which are open to all student applicants on the Wausau campus.

Five “Extraordinary Women” were featured in a video that debuted at the 100 XW launch event in April 2017.  From left: Dr. Kay Gruling, Dr. Corrie Norrbom, Kue Her, Jennifer Auner and Rubi Jamison. View their video clips.

Below is a summary of 2020 recipients of the 100 Extraordinary Women scholarships:

Lynzie Ashley is a graduate of the Wisconsin School for the Visually Handicapped, and she is the first member of her family to attend college. She lost her vision in 2014, and has worked hard since then to adapt as a student. Lynzie credits various instructors and professors who have helped her succeed so far in college.

Yefang Lee is a graduate of D.C. Everest Senior High School, and she is the first member of her family to attend college. Yefang plans to pursue a career in video production, and is proud of the four years she participated in the National History Day competition. She produced a video documentary on Hmong acculturation that placed 7th in the national competition.

Tanya Lybert is a non-traditional college student who has returned to school after several years to major in Social Work. She is a graduate of Flambeau High School, and has overcome many health and family challenges over the years. After obtaining a bachelor's degree, her goal is to earn a master's degree in Social Work and help mental health patients.

Morgen Severt is a 2018 graduate of Merrill Senior High School who plans to major in Elementary Education. Morgen is proud to be a self-supporting student who has balanced part-time school and work. She is thankful for scholarship dollars that will allow her to afford a larger class load.

Morgan Wolosek is a non-traditional student and parent who has overcome challenges and returned to college with a goal to become a psychiatrist practicing in northcentral Wisconsin. She is taking pre-med courses while working 30 hours a week and studying for the MCAT exams.

Yangmee Yee is a first-generation college student and graduate of Wausau East High School. She plans to major in Nursing, and is inspired by her mother's example of hard work and self-reliance. Yangmee has worked multiple part-time jobs as a student in high school and college, while earning a high grade point average at each level despite a large class load.

The keynote speaker at the 100 XW celebration event was Marathon County District Attorney Theresa Wetzsteon (center), a UWMC alumnus, who chats here with former UW Colleges North Region Dean & CEO Keith Montgomery and 100 XW member Sheryl Hemp.

Thank You to Our Donors

  • Beverly Abbott
  • Ginger Alden
  • Margaret Anderson
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous honoring Estelle B. Wolff
  • Jennifer Auner
  • Cheryl Bahr
  • Elizabeth Barr
  • Cindy Baumann
  • Judy Beier
  • The Bollmann Family, Julie Bollmann
  • Ann Bradley
  • Children of John & Betty Bradley honoring Elizabeth M. Bradley
  • Karrye Schenzel Bradley
  • Christine Bremer-Muggli
  • Heather Brimacombe
  • Holly Briquelet-Miller
  • Carolyn Bronston
  • Julie Bunczak
  • Nina Clark
  • Mary Coates
  • Janet Cohodas
  • Cindy Creske-Schwartz
  • Gina Crispell
  • Rita Crooks
  • Brenda Davis
  • Nancy Dolenshek
  • Lisa Dodson
  • Lynn Drecktrah
  • Arzelee M.S. Drown
  • Kandace Elmergreen
  • Amy Fazendin Reif
  • Christine Fernandez
  • Renea Frederick
  • Claire Brick Flannery
  • Kathy Kelsey Foley honoring  Shirley Kelsey Levinson
  • Barbara Ann Force
  • Wendy Fox honoring Doris Sillick
  • Pamela Frary
  • Mary Clare Freeman
  • Mary Jo Freeman
  • Christine Freiberg
  • Kathy Garvey
  • Eileen Goggins-Schultz
  • Joyce Griese
  • Linda Freeman Grilley
  • Kay Gruling
  • Sandy Greenheck Gumness
  • Linda Haney
  • Deborah Hale
  • Mary Hartwig
  • Sally Hattenhauer honoring Nancy Frawley
  • Anne Heggelund
  • Sheryl Hemp
  • Nancy Hessert
  • Sandy Heywood
  • Doug Hosler honoring Bellamy Hamilton
  • Pam Jackson
  • Mary Jo Johnson
  • Melissa Kampmann
  • Deborah Kane
  • Betsy Keefe
  • Karla Kieffer
  • Celine Kline
  • Bonnie Kraft
  • Sarah Krolicki
  • Susan Lang
  • Christine Liedtke
  • Joyce Porath Lohr honoring Grace Porath
  • Lisa Maahs
  • Lisa Macco
  • Tami Wurtinger McCann
  • Sarah Miller
  • Michele Montgomery
  • Sarah Napgezek
  • Camille Nicklaus
  • Betty Noel
  • Corrie Norrbom
  • Gretchen Nuckles
  • Judy Palmateer
  • Kalynn Pempek
  • Kris Peterson
  • Renee Peterson
  • Amy Plier
  • Sally A. Polzer
  • Sandra Pradt
  • Amy Prunuske
  • Kim Rantanen Day
  • Mary Nell Reif
  • Vickie Richmond-Hawkins
  • Mary Kate Riordan
  • Katie Rosenberg
  • Sarah J. Rudolph
  • Sarah J. Rudolph honoring Ruth Rudolph and Jane Rudolph
  • Blythe Schaller and C. Ann Dietrich honoring Eleanor B. Frank
  • Mary Ellen Schill and Anita Seering honoring Ione Carpenter Vandehey
  • Char’s Fan Club: 9 faculty women honoring Charlene Schmidt
  • Ruth (Rudie) Schuette
  • Kathy Schuurman
  • Andrea Sczygelski
  • Connie Sexauer
  • Colleen Sickels
  • Karen Sislo
  • Jann Slayton
  • Beverley Smith
  • Kay Smith
  • Carolyn Sonnentag
  • Rebecca Sonnentag honoring  Elaine Sonnentag
  • Sharlene Soto
  • Kathryn Spencer
  • Tammy Stezenski
  • Carol Stilp
  • Elaine Strite
  • Kathy Strasser
  • Jenny Sweeney
  • Peg Tanner
  • Mary Thao
  • Jean Tehan
  • Linda Terwilliger
  • Joan Theurer
  • Lorri Wanserski
  • Linda Ware
  • Wendy Weden
  • Ann Werth
  • Lisa Westphal, Westphal Staffing Inc.
  • Theresa Wetzsteon
  • Peggy Williams
  • Laurie Wolf-Dahm
  • Margaret A. Wolff
  • The Zeyghami Family, Rita Zeyghami
  • Kim Zweck honoring Evelyn Klemm

100 Extraordinary Women Committee

  • Jennifer Auner
  • Cindy Baumann
  • Mary Jo Freeman
  • Linda Grilley
  • Kay Gruling
  • Nancy Hessert
  • Sarah Miller
  • Corrie Norrbom
  • Amy Plier
  • Mary Nell Reif
  • Jenny Sweeney
  • Linda Ware