UW Wausau Campus Foundation Awards 10 New STEAM Scholarships

Monday, Jun 21, 2021

Building Steam



WAUSAU (June 21, 2021) – The UW Wausau Campus Foundation has awarded a second round of 10 STEAM scholarships totaling $25,000 for UW-Stevens Point at Wausau students.

The STEAM scholarships target students who plan to major in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design or Math- or Finance-related disciplines. Applicants for the STEAM scholarships submitted essays explaining how they have impacted the community so far, and how they might impact the community if they return to work and live here after completing their higher education. A faculty committee then selected the recipients based on merit, need and a ranking of the essays.

“Our foundation is pleased to announce a second round of STEAM scholarships for students pursuing degrees in high-demand fields,” said Amy Plier, board president of the UW Wausau Campus Foundation. “While these scholarships target STEAM students, our foundation continues to provide nearly $200,000 in other scholarships each year which are available to a broad array of students pursuing all types of bachelor’s degrees.”

The STEAM scholarship recipients are:  Amber DeSmith, Max Fenhaus, Kiana Haenel, Justin Keeney, Nolan Maes, Nicholas Mergendahl, Jorie Meyer, Courtney Murkowski, Lillie Salzman and Sakura Yang.